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PC Tech offers onsite and remote support to our clients. We can send a technician to your home or log in to your computer remotely based on your preference! We always supply our customers with a FREE no-obligation diagnosis and quote, which separates us from many of our competitors who charge just to look at your computer.

  • Upgrades and Repairs

    We repair laptops and computers by replacing motherboards, fixing cracked LCD screens, repairing broken or loose hinges, replacing power jacks and more!

  • Virus Removal

    We use a multitude of software combinations to ensure the infection is completely removed. After removal, we educate and help our customers to improve their computer’s safety and security from future threats.

  • Wireless Routers/Printers

    PC Tech offers a wide range of wireless options for computers and printers.

  • Data Backup

    PC Tech can help secure and protect your important data like family pictures, videos, tax and financial information, etc. We offer external hard drives; cloud based backup solutions, and intuitive software to help prevent data loss.

  • Email Help

    We can setup and configure a new email account as well as help divert spam mail

  • Tips & Tutoring

    PC Tech can help broaden your knowledge of computers and software applications by teaching common tips and shortcuts to improve your computer skills.

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We provide business solutions to small and medium sized companies. Whether your business is run by one person or a staff of up to 75 computer users, PC Tech Service can provide support to your company. We can help to maximize computer performance, ensure data is safe and secure, monitor your server and network, and much more.

  • Company Assessment

    PC Tech Service offers a no obligation, free assessment to our business clients. Our consultation includes an assessment of your data backup procedures, network security, and overall health status of your computer systems.

  • Managed Services

    Let PC Tech Service manage and monitor your critical technology infrastructure to stop small issues before they become large-scale computer disasters.

  • Networking

    Whether you have a small business with just a few computers that needs to share files and work more efficiently or a larger company in need of a more advanced Server setup to handle email and databases, PC Tech can help.

  • Virtualization and Remote Desktop

    PC Tech has been very successful in helping business’s reduce hardware costs and much more by installing Virtual Servers. Companies with employees working from home benefit from virtualization due to its ability to manage staff desktop profiles from the Hyper-V Server.

  • Backup Solutions

    We can assist in developing a backup strategy that will ensure all will not be lost due to system failure. PC Tech can review the amount of data to be backed up, communicate options such as backup frequency, and develop a process for offsite storage that will benefit your company.

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About Us

PC Tech Service is a locally owned computer repair and support business in Manchester, CT. Our staff consists of highly experienced technicians prepared to diagnose and fix a vast array of computer based issues. We offer on-site computer repair as well as remote assistance. We never charge to come look at your broken computer or laptop and our diagnosis is always free to both our residential and business clients. Our goal is to help our clients maintain healthy and efficient computer systems. Give us a call or send us a message today! We would be happy to assist you with any of your computer needs!


"Unbelievably responsive. Responded to message immediately. I spilled a glass of water that got under my 2013 Macbook yesterday. PCTech diagnosed within 1 hour this morning and told me that the laptop fan had sucked in water across the motherboard. They repaired and called within 90 minutes to report that the laptop was charging and sign on screen was open. Additionally when I dropped the laptop off, the technician, Emmett, told me immediately that if he could not repair the laptop he could definately retrieve all my data. I am delighted with the professionalism and courtesy of PCTech LLC."

- Emmy, August 2014

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"Excellent. They had to come back to fine tune a few things and did so promptly."

- Donna, July 2014

"Cleared my computer of virus and old stuff not needed. Did a great job."

- Kathy, June 2014

"Computer had virus that ate up all available space on hard drive with nonsense files. PC Tech cleared virus, re-installed windows, removed useless tool bars, installed additional desirable software. Very fast, quality work at a great price."

- Craig, June 2014

"They were very good. They were straight forward, reasonably priced and they took care of the problem."

- Cindy, March 2014

"These guys were great. Matt arrived on time, and was ready to get to work. He was prepared and knew what he was doing. Unfortunately what I thought was a dying/dead hard drive turned out to be a fried motherboard. On a Mac all in one it did not pay to fix the machine (hard to locate part and costly on its own without labor). So for that reason I decided not to fix it. But these guys were GREAT!! They were so kind and patient and helpful and helped recover my data from the drive and put in on a flash drive for me. I am very happy with their service and would recommend them to anyone. Very helpful and really went above and beyond to help us. Thanks again"

- Samantha, May 2014

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